My 2018 sponsors


Representing as an ambassador of brands I believe in provides me with a sense of belonging, pride, ownership, and motivation to reach my cycling goals, as well as support in the form of a social network of like minded people at training rides and races, mechanical support, and product support. In return, I funnel my enthusiasm and experience with these products onto sponsor websites and social media, and share it with friends and fellow cyclists. I train and race under their banners, and I act as an ambassador for these companies and products that I genuinely believe in.

I am excited to announce that I am continuing my partnership with Hammer Nutrition and Schwalbe Tires in 2018.

I have over four years of proven performance with Hammer Nutrition. Now that I’m 39 (ahem, ahem), proper fueling and recovery are critical to my performance. If I forget to bring my Recoverite for after a long ride or high intensity race, I experience more soreness the following day. If I’m too lazy to mix up a bottle of Perpetuem for a longer ride and think going on empty or gels alone will do the trick, I’m always sorely disappointed (pun intended). I’ve quickly learned from those few mistakes. I think the thing I like most about Hammer Nutrition is that it’s not just for endurance athletes, even though that’s a primary niche for them. They have fueling recommendations for cyclocross racing, and short intensity workouts too that I follow and can vouch for. They even provide recipes in their Endurance News for breakfasts or mid-day snacks that incorporate their products. It’s well worth checking out at

You can get 15% off your first order as a new customer with Hammer Nutrition by using my customer #: 203002

Schwalbe tires have been my tire of choice since I started to race mountain bikes in 2010. Racing Ralph, Hans Dampf, Nobby Nic, Magic Mary, and Rock Razor tires have been my core tires, but I look forward to exploring their broad range of tread options this year as found on, and I’ll be sure to report out my experience with them.

Stay tuned for my riding and racing reports!

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