My 2020 main sponsor

I am excited to announce that I am continuing my partnership with Hammer Nutrition for my SIXTH YEAR!

Now that I’m 41 (ahem, ahem), proper fueling and recovery are critical to my performance. If I forget to bring my Recoverite for after a long ride or high intensity race, I experience more soreness the following day. If I’m too lazy to mix up a bottle of Perpetuem for a longer ride and think going on empty or gels alone will do the trick, I’m always sorely disappointed (pun intended). I’ve quickly learned from those few mistakes. I think the thing I like most about Hammer Nutrition is that it’s not just for endurance athletes, even though that’s a primary niche for them. They have fueling recommendations for cyclocross racing, and short intensity workouts too that I follow and can vouch for. They even provide recipes in their Endurance News for breakfasts or mid-day snacks that incorporate their products. It’s well worth checking out at

You can get 15% off your first order as a new customer with Hammer Nutrition by using my customer #: 203002

Stay tuned for my riding and racing reports!

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