Product Spotlight: Mucky Nutz Fenders

I’ve been on the hunt for waterproof mountain biking shorts, but have come up empty handed. I tried on men’s styles, but they fit like billowy trash bags. Women’s styles are few and far between. I have my eye on the GORE Alp-X 3.0 Gore-tex lady shorts, but I’m not willing to part with $180 for them yet.

So I’m giving muckynutz fenders a go instead.

These come from the UK, but if you spend more than about $22, shipping is free. I got them in about a week. The rear fender is about $15 and the front fender (XL) is $14. Twenty-nine dollars seemed a reasonable investment to avoid muddy chamois chafing and the post-ride clothing hose-off ritual to ease the burden on my washing machine.

Let’s get to the point: Below is a photo after our rainy day ride on Tiger Mountain. I’m holding up Jared’s pants – he doesn’t have any rear fender. Look – I stayed mostly mud free!


The fenders are made of a very lightweight polypropylene material. The rear fender weighs in at 75g and the front XL fender is 30g. The XL front fender has coverage both in front and behind the fork, whereas the regular front fender only extends behind the fork. I wanted maximum protection for our rainy and muddy Pacific NW riding days (which are many), so I opted for the XL.


Both the front and rear fenders attach with velcro straps, or you can save a buck and opt out and just use zip ties. I want the flexibility of moving the fenders easily between bikes, so I splurged on the velcro. When the fenders came stuffed in my mailbox, I thought maybe one was missing. But they just fold up really small!

Rear Fender, Black_02b-500x500         OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The rear fender accommodates a dropper seat post, no problem.


For the price, the quick service, and the drier butt, I definitely recommend them! Go to for more info.

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