(Almost) on our way to Leadville!

When you’re going to undertake a 100 mile mountain bike race above 10,000ft, you want your logistics completely dialed in. I’m doing the best that I can, but much of this will be left to luck and spontaneity. I’m going into this with a certain Buddhist non-attachment and open mind, since many factors are out of my control.

Originally, I was going to take over a week off for the race, and drive from Reno. Now that I live in Seattle and have a new job, we’re flying and have trimmed it to 5 days. I will fly with my bike. I hope my Prodeal mud tires will arrive before we leave (just in case). We will pick up a rental tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pads, and stove from the Denver REI. We will hope to get a rental car that is big enough to fit it all. (FYI the Kia Sole rocks as a “economy car” and can fit a Thule Roundtrip case, but who knows what’s available.) We will camp near Turquoise Lake and hopefully not get ravaged by mosquitos. I have planned my nutrition to the best of my ability, but it’s a total crap shoot in terms of how I’ll feel up there. Here are my baggies of hydration/nutrition mixes from Hammer Nutrition:


I will race with the 9-hour split times taped to my top tube in the hopes of racing sub-9 hours. I think I’ve referenced “hope” a minimum of 4-5 times already here….

A few things I am sure of. I am fortunate that Jared can go along with me and be my support and crew. I am glad to have had Julie Young’s coaching guidance and life perspective in preparation for this race. I am excited to have a new (crash replacement frame!) Marin Team CXR to ride and to be fueled by Hammer Nutrition. I am grateful that I could get the time off from work at my new job to do this race. And I will say and do all those cycling cliches throughout 9 hours: Dig deep. You can do more than you think you can. Shut up legs. And my own personal favorite and often used, “Pedal, pedal, pedal, pedal….”

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