Next race = just to have fun!

I just signed Jared and myself up for 9to5, MFG’s first foray into an 8 hour race, on Saturday, July 26th. They host an awesome cyclocross series, so I expect this will be similarly rad.

We were gonna give ourselves the silly team name “green chile sushi roll,” in homage to our home cultures, but we went for “Marin Bikes and The Mechanic” instead. Jared’s been my amazing home mechanic, always keeping my wheels rolling, and I have immense gratitude for the Marin Bikes crew and their support.

Today was my first ride back on my mountain bike since my crash. Although the stitches are out, I’m still healing. The ruggedness of the trails on Tiger Mountain proved too much for my forearm. Because of the discomfort, it was slow going and I got really frustrated, especially since my legs were feeling pretty good. I need the smooth, sandy Reno trails right now.

Leadville is less than three weeks away. My training has suffered, both as a result of my injury and also because of my recent move to Seattle. It’s forced me to take a step back, set new expectations, and think about my goal for this race differently. Now, my focus is to take in the immensity of the experience, the grandeur of the scenery, and simply, to have fun. There will still be suffering, no doubt, but I want to just experience it and avoid being too self critical.

So in the interim, we’ll just have fun cranking out some fast laps in Roslyn, WA next Saturday. Race report to come….

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