Trying to maintain my sanity….

Delayed onset muscle soreness was no joke. By the end of the day on Sunday, the day after the race, I was so sore, tight, and uncomfortable. Too many bruises and scrapes made foam rolling impossible and stretching barely feasible. Monday morning, I was more mobile, enough to take myself into town, get my Garmin uploaded at the local Community Library, and try to get a follow up appointment with the surgeon. I was hoping for a check up that day, but he’s double booked out all week. Somehow, they’ll squeeze me in Wednesday. I was also hoping I could figure out from Strava how fast I was going down the fire road when I hit the deck, but there wasn’t an easy answer. Fast enough, I guess.

That afternoon, Jared and I went “adventuring” to get me out and about. We drove up Boulder Creek Basin, not far from our campsite. It’s a moderate 4×4 dirt road with a fun stream crossing. Check out this gnarly bridge we had to cross!!!!!

image image

A few more miles up ahead, we parked and continued on foot. We passed two old miner’s cabins and marveled at their construction.

image        image


And we ended up atop this huge mound of tailings.

image                image

BTW: I was just kidding about crossing over that dilapidated wood bridge. We just drove the Cruiser through the water.


Today, while Jared rode the classic Fischer Creek Loop up near Stanley, ID, I pedaled up the road to the beautiful Redfish Lake, getting in about 22 miles of easy riding in. So pretty.



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