Question: What do you want to see from Sea Otter?

I’m making my first trip to the Sea Otter Classic this year! It starts next week, from April 10-13. For non-cyclists, Sea Otter in Monterey, CA and Interbike Las Vegas are two of the primary bike expos held each year where races are offered in nearly all cycling disciplines, bike companies announce new products, and cycling vendors show their wares in full splendor.

I’ll be racing the Cat 1 XC race on Sunday morning and Jared will be testing his mettle in the Enduro race on Friday. But what I look forward to more than racing is to geek out on new products and to people watch. Will the new Cannondale Jekyll 27.5 on display? A double-crown fat bike fork? Shimano’s 1x set up? Some new inverted fork from a 3-D printer? Some “must-have” enduro-specific products? 🙂 Unfortunately, the Mounatin Bike World Cup is having it’s first race of the season in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa the same weekend, so all the pro downhillers and XC racers will be absent from Sea Otter. So disappointing!!!! Luckly, you can still catch the action and watch replays on (I highly recommend you do. It’s palm sweating fun!). But my hopes to get autographs from my favorite riders at Sea Otter are crushed….

The question is: What do you want to see pictures of and hear about from Sea Otter?

Let me know and I’ll do what I can to deliver the news!

sea otter

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