Don’t feel awful, eat falafel.

Since the tag line of my blog is “Join the fun of cycling, food, and other amusements,” it’s about time that I share some foodie love.

My dad gave me a 9 cup Cuisinart food processor for Christmas. My gut reaction was what the hell am I going to make that’ll be 9 cups!!! Just another bohemoth American appliance! But I persevered and learned of this recipe from a co-worker:

It’s Mark Bittman’s falafel recipe (

We baked them, per the recipe, but they can be pan fried as well. In addition to the tahini sauce, I made a quick yogurt sauce with finely chopped cucumber, minced garlic, lemon juice, and salt and pepper. To serve: warm a pocketless whole wheat pita, break two falafel patties in half and lay atop pita, drizzle with tahini sauce, top with a salad (lettuce, cukes, tomatoes, whatever, lightly tossed in oil and vinegar), drizzle with yogurt sauce, and wrap in foil to minimize mess while eating.

The flavorful chickpea bombs bathed in the lightly bitter tones of tahini, cooled by creamy yogurt and complimented by the satiating crunch of fresh salad greens is epic. It’s good for you too.

P.S. It makes a lot, so freeze some for a quick meal later.

BTW: Now I love my food processor.

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