Poedunks/TAMBA trail day fun!

The selfie is actually from National Trails Day on Van Sickle Trail up near South Lake Tahoe back in June. I look like such a goofball! 🙂 Unfortunately, I failed to get any good photos from today’s efforts.

National Trails Day on Van Sickle                        Peavine in Spring

Today was the first 2014 trail day up on Peavine supported by the Poedunks and Tahoe Area Mountain Bike crew. I can pedal from my house to the trails on Peavine. Although it is true that blown out TVs and shotgun shells litter the slopes and the vista may include smog settled on the city, I feel fortunate that this network of trails exists. If you’re ambitious, you can link together a 20-30 mile ride that includes 2,000-3,000 feet of climbing, some fun, flowy (if not sandy) downhills, and a few techincal rocky steps. While trails up near Lake Tahoe are buried in snow, Peavine can offer nearly tacky trails and broad blue, sunny skies.  If you get out there at just the right time of year, you might even be treated to green grasses and flowers blanketing the ground. It doesn’t last long though.


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