False start!

Well, my first attempt at creating a blog using Tumblr was not successful. It wasn’t apparent at the time I started it (sneaky bastards), but I learned later that you have to subscribe to Tumblr to view others’ blogs. With the current social media assault, I know many are hesitant to join another online group, create another username, and manage yet another password. So, I’m starting over. Very simply, you can find my blog by typing in the URL: gonowmego.com.

My blog intro points to my appreciation for simplicity and leading a simple yet satisfying life. But I am no ascetic. My broad quiver of bikes and obsession for good food are proof. My desires to write a blog and occasionally flaunt my cycling successes are indulgent.  I enjoy Facebook for catching glimpses into friends’ and acquaintances’ lives and their adventures, in their own neighborhoods or in travels afar. So here’s a window into my world of cycling, food, and other amusements.

Take two.



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